Summer’s coming up, and while you might be looking forward to relaxing by the pool, golf games under the sun, and sticky popsicle hands, there’s one more thing to consider. And, no, it’s not whether or not you brought enough sunscreen!

The dog days of summer are approaching, and you can beat the heat by applying soil conditioner – making better use of your irrigation water.

Soil conditioner is great for damaged, dry, overworked or otherwise poorly-performing soil. It brings life back into the soil, enhancing its natural physical qualities. For example – soaking up the your irrigation water.

So stop wasting money on water that doesn’t make a dent. If your soil is damaged, your plants, grass, and landscaping will be too – no matter how often you turn those sprinklers on.

Give us a call today and see how we can protect your lawn from the summer heat.

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